Past Life Healing (3 sessions)$80.00

This powerful healing releases the Karmic Bonds of your Past Life experiences. During and after this healing you may experience intense dreams as the bonds release,

Chakra Cleansing and Balancing  $30.00

General Reiki Healing $30.00

Many times we feel out of  sorts and have no idea why. In a General Reiki Healing , the energy seeks out the underlying cause of ambiguity

What is Reiki?

I was taught Reiki is a word from the Japanese language, meaning “Guided Life Force Energy.” Life energy or Chi powers our thoughts, emotions, and consciousness. Every living thing has this energy. Additionally, this energy connects us to each other and to the Divine. When in our energy is out of balance, we start experiencing stress, disease, pain, or emotional blocks. As a Reiki practitioner, I can help bring your Chi back into balance by offering this life force energy in the form of Reiki Energy. I invite you to be skeptical, yet open-minded because Reiki does not require belief in order to be effective. The only requirement is your permission for the energy to flow.

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