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Celtic Cross

For over 100 years, the Celtic Cross has helped many seekers in their search. The Celtic Cross serves to identify the cause of a situation, uncovering hidden and not so hidden obstacles in the seeker’s path. Using this method, we discover the potential outcome of following the chosen path.  The seeker may choose to continue in the same direction or to change course and follow a new road in the search for their key.


​We create our world by the illusions we make. Illusions act as a way for the mind to understand and live in our society. Some illusions, however, are so habitual that instead of helping, they block the way forward. Aum helps to focus your mind on the illusions you have created and gives you a way to break the patterns that hinder your progress.

The Buckland Romani Tarot

 ​​​​Evalyne's Garden Gate

Find Your Key To The Gateway Home 

The Buckland Romani Tarot

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For those who are unable to book a personal one-on-one reading Email Readings are a great option. In addition to the benefits that come from Tarot Insights, you’ll have a pdf copy that you can refer back to. ​Allow 48 hours for a response should you have any questions about the reading itself. All non-related questions will require a new reading.

Because of the nature of this service ,payment is required prior to commencing the reading. Email readings are non-refundable once they have been sent. The fee for this service is $65.00