​​​​Evalyne's Garden Gate

Find Your Key To The Gateway Home 

The images for these pendants come from the The Tarot de Besançon of J. Jerger EKH. The Tarot de Besançon is  a Marseille style deck developed in the French Alps in the 1700s.  Pope and Popess are replaced with Junon and Jupiter.

Pendant De Besancon

Dragonflies have been called messengers of the Gods, bringing clarity and agility into people's lives.

These beautiful earrings of Amethyst and Rose Quartz blend the energies of Love and Light to help you in your quest to find your spiritual center.

Inspired by the story of Amethyst, a disciple the Goddess Diana.
Amethyst called on the to save her from  Dionysus. the Goddess transformed her into a statue of pure white crystal. Dionysus cried purple tears on the stone, staining it forever.

Love and Light Earrings
Amethyst Drop earrings