​​​​Evalyne's Garden Gate

Find Your Key To The Gateway Home 

Chakra Cleansing and Balancing  $30.00

Sunset over the Mountain by Evalyne Hall

Past Life Healing (3 sessions) $80.00

This powerful healing releases the Karmic Bonds of your Past Life experiences. During and after this healing you may experience intense dreams as the bonds release,

General Reiki Healing $30.00

Many times we feel out of  sorts and have no idea why. In a General Reiki Healing , the energy seeks out the underlying cause of ambiguity

Spirit of the Air - Distance Healing

Reiki has another more traditional meaning. A wise, elderly Japanese woman told me that it also means Spirit of the Air. When I think of these different translations, I understand why distance healing works.

Neither energy nor air can be bound by walls or distance. Reiki is a gift given to help you unblock your energy. The energy is only limited by the intention of the recipient. It is up to you to be open to accept the gift.