I started reading Tarot for fun when I was eleven years old. I use Tarot for spiritual guidance and personal growth.

     The twists in my path included a stopover to learn Reiki as well taking an introductory Mediumship course.

     In 2013, I became a certified Practical Reiki Practitioner. I offer this service as a way to clear the energetic field that surrounds us all. Reiki can help balance the Chakra System and can aid in clearing any Karmic issues that may be causing stress in your life.

      My readings focus the energies of Tarot, Reiki and Mediumship for spiritual development and personal growth. The intent is to create a safe haven for those who wish to work with  alternative  approaches to enrich their lives.

    Although the stops in my journey helped to improve my connection with the Other Side, I do not give afterlife readings at this time. Perhaps in the future, but for now, my abilities are too sporadic too be reliable.


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